Mills Painting Inc uses quality brands of paints sold by companies that have a vested claim in the community we serve.  Miller PaintThe combination of locally manufactured paints that were specifically formulated for our Northwest weather conditions and the knowledge of what application setting to use them in makes all the difference in the world when it comes to the quality of the coatings we apply.

With this dedication to using locally sourced products, we believe in providing all the necessary steps of surface preparation on each job we do.  This protocol for the application of our coatings is what ensures our clients that their property is being taken care of correctly, each step of the way.  From the moment our client first contacts us about a job to the time we leave your property, we are clearly communicating what we will be doing and why, in order to ensure you the best quality of work possible.



About Curt Mills

Curt is the owner of Mills Painting Inc and an all around expert in the coatings industry. He has been painting professionally in the Inland Northwest since 1985.

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